Wednesday, March 23, 2005


My school's production went okay I guess. Both nights of it. Well, the first night was awful because we had technical crew issues, we didn't end up running through the play once, so the actual performance was really our dress rehearsal. But the audience seemed to enjoy it even though everything possible went wrong. My guitar was totally out of tune, the wrong music played for one of the dances, we almost skipped a whole scene and the fog machine obstructed the view of a vital scene of the play. The second night, though on a different stage, with different issues, went much better. My guitar was perfectly tuned and I only screwed up once. My screw up wasn't even much of a screw up, it was a hesitation. Many apologies for the run-on sentances, but I'm very relieved that it is over.
In other news, I absolutely LOVE Purim. It is my favorite time of the year. It almost always falls out in March, near my birthday, it's a happy time, it's a chance for me to dress up and go crazy with my friends (in a wholesome Jewish way of course =P) and it's just all around an awesome holiday. Last year my costume was a bit more outlandish than I usually wear, but this year I'm much more subtle. Last year I wore a red, curly, long wig, and oversized I LOVE NY tshirt and took random photographs of everyone because I was a Cheesy NY Tourist. This year, I'm a vampire. =D And I'm proud of it. I am planning on making an awesome costume, but Elder refuses to take me to the art store to let me buy some black ribbon for my outfit. But it's okay, WHO NEEDS BLACK RIBBON WHEN YOU HAVE SAFETY PINS??!!!!!!
Speaking of which, Elder and I are on our way out to buy food for Mesholach Manos. He is currently looking over my shoulder and making fun of my typo's. Obvosilie hee deosnit tihnk i no hwo 2 speel good.
Have an easy fast everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Like father like daughter...

Well, here I am with a blog. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, or if I'll even use it, but hey-it's fun to say that I have a blog, eh?
Well first of all, allow me to introduce myself. I am Daughter of Ziyon, real, biological daughter of Elder of Ziyon. I reside in a house somewhere in this world, and I attend a frum school somewhere else in this world. The nickname came just because that is how my father refers to me on his website wanderings so I decided to adopt it.
Anyways, I'd love to stay and write more but I am in a hurry to be somewhere else and I have to eat breakfast.
Have a great Purim everyone!!!!!! :)