Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why, why why WHY does she hate me??!!

Gah, I am so fed up of my principal. She is a great lady, smart, extremely frum, but the Rebbetzin is so. Freaking. Closed. Minded.
I'm sorry, I mean no disrespect. I respect and admire her, but I just don't agree with her on many many counts.
We always get into arguments in her Machshava (Jewish thought, a.k.a Jewish life according to her) and I am always respectful in our arguements, I hear her out and I respect her opinions. However, she does not respect my opinions, she interrupts me, doesn't allow me to finish my sentence and avoids answering my question.
For example: Last week we got into a discussion regarding Shomer Einayim V'Aznayim (Guarding the eyes and the ears). My school does tell us a lot not to listen to non-Jewish music and to not watch TV, be careful what we read, etc. because it affects the way that we think and do mitzvos. I understand that viewpoint, even though I do not hold that strictly. The Rebbetzin said that the way we should guard ourselves against this outside force is to live in a bubble, a completely closed environment because then we will never have a "first taste" of something "bad" so we will never desire to do it.
I disagreed and said that everyone should be made aware of the dangers of these things but also be made aware WHY they are a bad influence. That way, people will understand why they shouldn't do something and they will come to realize on their own whether they wish to hold that sensitivity or not and how strict. Also, that removes the "forbidden fruit" temptation that leads many teenagers off the derech today. They will see for themselves what is out there and know why they shouldn't do certain things, rather then just being constantly told "no" without explaination.
The Reb and I argued back and forth for a bit, and I was respectful, but as I brought several points to support my position, she only brought her one point and refused to listen to my point, while avoiding my entire question of the risk of the temptation. I don't see how she can claim to have an open discussion environment in her class while refusing to listen to students unless they fully agree with her.
Besides that, the way that she looks at me, acts towards me and talks to me makes me feel like she is judging me extra carefully, either because of my community (I am the only one from my comunity who attends this school) or because of my opinions. Maybe she is afraid that my opposing opinions will be a danger to other students she wants to keep in a bubble (which she tries and fails to do). But I don't get it. Why spend her time judging me on my opinions when there are girls who don't understand why certain things are wrong are going off and doing these things.
Whoops, bell. I'll continue later. But....gaaaaah, I don't get her!!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stupid oblivious girls.

Alright, so I am a neglegent blogger, not that anyone reads this anyway. It's been 2 months. I am back, with hopefully more updates as I have a lot to say. Or I will, as soon as I unclog my head from useless information that I will have to aquire for finals that start next week.
Anyway, so yesterday my class went on a Chesed Trip to Otsar, an organization that helps mentally disabled adults. We made pillowcases with them that are going to be donated to the childrens ward of a nearby hospital. So, we did a chesed within a chesed, and that makes me feel really good. I am also especially interested in psychology and mental disabilities so that was a learning experience for me as well. These people are much more aware of their surroundings than we people who, Baruch Hashem, have fully functioning bodies, actually think.
We arrived, and all of the members of Otsar were sitting down, and doing activities that are suitable for maybe a first grade level. Some of them were crying out in joy, while others were rocking back and forth, but all of them smiled when we arrived. (That's not the part that bothers me.)
The thing that bothers me to no end about this trip though, is that the girls in my class are so clueless when it comes to mentally disabled people. When some girls in my class see someone who is not as fortunate as them to have a fully functioning body, the girls see these people and they go "Oh, they are so cute!" as coo over them as if they are babies. These people are NOT babies. These people have complex feelings, they are aware of whats going on, some more than others. But the way that these girls see these special people are as if they are animals, or primitive beings that they are there to help do primitive activities. This absolutely disgusts me. These people with these special problems are still PEOPLE. They are not empty, oblivious things. But they just require a different way of communication. I really wish that these girls would be a little less tactless and a little less STUPID when it comes to mentally disabled people.
Yeah okay, rant over. Phew.
After that, we went to pizza and we saw a video from Zaka, the organization that not only saves countless lives, but also collects every bit of human flesh and every drop of human blood and gives it a proper burial. We then were spoken to by one of the founders, Rabbi Uri, the man who came up with the brilliant idea of making motorcycle medical units. It was absolutely amazing and inspiring.
So yeah, there is my update. A bit more substantial than my school production, no?
Anyway, I am off to do something a bit more productive and study or something. Next class starts at 10:34. Machshava. Eww.