Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy (Goishe) New Year!

Alright, so alot has happened since I last blogged. My cousin got married and it was an absolutely stunning wedding. It was beautiful, but not gaudy. It was leibedich, and not cold. The feeling of love just raced throughout the entire hall.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
I already mentioned in a previous post of mine that I am extremely close with my cousin. So on November 27, 2005, I arrived at the wedding hall with my parents at 11:00 AM for picture taking. The hustle and bustle was incredible, there were cousins darting in and out of various rooms, and there were two teams of photographers trying to capture the chosson and kallah seperately and simultaneously in seperate rooms. My cousin looked terrific, dashing in his new suit and contact lenses and the kallah, my cousin-to-be was stunning in her golden ringlets of hair and her white gown. Both were positively bouncing with delight. I assure you, it was ADOWABLE!!! =D
My cousin is extremely bad at smiling on demand, despite being in complete pre-wedded bliss, so I, as a faithful, loving cousin offered to make faces at him to get him to smile. His sisters were trying and not succeeding, so I readied myself to crack a few silly facial distortions.
Suddenly, a guy with a video camera appears. I absolutly detest being videotaped, so I quickly duck behind my cousin's sisters. To my utter dismay, my female cousins yelled out to the camera guy "Follow her! Get her on film!" and I ran for it. The camera guy said "Just for that, I'm filming you for the entire wedding, sweetheart." and my dear beloved cousin, the chosson, previously stony faced burst into hysterical laughter and clickity-click, I got the chosson to smile in his wedding pictures.
Anyway, so after what felt like an extremely long wait, and after a few more escapades with the camera guy, the official wedding started and guests started arriving for the shmorgesbord. After that, time passed at a ridiculously fast pace. My cousin was upstairs at his tisch, the kallah was seated in her white chair, and everything was great. The music for the badekken started and my cousin was escorted in by a sea of black suits and hats, washing him up to right in front of his kallah. He took a picture of her with his cellular phone (typical of this cousin!) and he lowered her veil. But, he didnt want to move after that, so he was literally dragged back from her by the crowd and shown the way to his own chuppah.
We women followed and the room filled up quickly. I was seated with my 16 year old cousins' cousin, who had the original idea to set my cousin up with his kallah, and we promised ourselves that we wouldn't cry. Turned out to be an empty promise. It was a happy day for my cousin, but quite a disasterous one for my mascara.
The chuppah began, and my cousin was led to the chuppah by his parents, all the time smiling and making odd hand motions similar to those of a priest blessing the congregation. As his kallah was led down the aisle, my cousin kept on catching my eye, winking and smiling and ignoring my attempts to mouth "Be serious! It's your chuppah!"
His kallah arrived and circled my cousin, all the while appropriately saying Tehillim. My cousin kept looking over her head at me (quite the easy feat, as she's 5"2 to his 5"10) and grinning like an absolute idiot. My 16 year old cousins' cousin and I exchanged glances and eyerolls as the ceremony continued.
The rest seemed to drag, but them, BAM! Harei at mikudeshet li, the ring is given, the glass is broken and Mazal Tov, my cousin is married! Like, with a wife and stuff!
As they rushed down the aisle to the Yichud room, I quickly snatched a tissue from a family friend's hand and dabbed at my streaming mascara, trying extremely hard to save myself from looking like a racoon.
We all went to the main hall for the meal and settled down. It still hadn't hit me that my cousin was married, but the food looked really good, so these thoughts quickly flew from my mind as we all settled down to eat.
About an hour later, the music started getting faster and my cousin prepared to make his grand entrance with his new wife. Though I still tease him about this, his lateness wasn't due to his determination to stay in the Yichud room with his wife a bit longer, but there was in reality a hold-up with the photographers for the chosson/kallah pictures. Though, I must say, it was pretty funny to see his reaction when I pointed out to him that despite his denial, the fact remained that his kallah was not wearing lipstick, which I was certain she was wearing right after the chuppah.
They came in, we danced like crazy, the girls pulled shtick, the guys pulled even more shtick AND crazy dancing as we all joined together in the simcha of my cousins wedding.
The rest was history, passing in a blur of really excellent food and dancing, and we left in a daze of dizzy happiness, after bidding the chosson and kallah good night ("wink wink" on my part) and we headed home.
The next night, my family hosted sheva brachot and a once in a lifetime event occured: The chosson and kallah were half an hour early to their own sheva brachot! The first one at that! Actually, the first guests who arrived were a car full of yeshiva bochurim from my cousins place of learning, and me, being the only single female present at the time, muttered to my cousins wife "Well, THIS isn't awkward at all!" who laughed.
The sheva brachot was like the wedding all over again. My father said a hillarious d'var torah, which everyone seemed to enjoy. We ate, we danced (how Jewish of us) and that was when it finally hit me: I have a new cousin. My cousin is married. Woah.
So Mazal Tov to them, I wish them much hatzlocha u'bracha and though they aren't officially chosson and kallah anymore, they should be zoche to build a bayit ne'eman b'yisroel.
Though I'd love to end my blog in such a nice, frum and mature manner, I must add another point. On my father's blog, he was nominated for the Jewish and Israeli Blog Award's in a few catagories, one of which is Best Designed Blog. And guess who designed Elder of Ziyon??!!?!?! I DID! I DID!!! SQUEEE!!!! *cartwheels*
Thank you Soccerdad for nominating us. I truly appreciate the recognition of my design skills and I am extremely flattered at your generous nomination. Oh yeah, and you like, so totally rock my tznius knee socks.
Happy New Year's everyone!


Blogger Soccer Dad said...

I guess I should say "you're welcome." I really like the simple but elegant design. Where did you learn html/xml?

My daughter (who's probably a little younger than you) has fine design skills.

2:53 AM  
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hay i was going to say the same thing

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